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Denae’s Diner is a modern take on a retro Hollywood diner that seamlessly blends the classic charm of the past with contemporary flair. Nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles Denae’s Diner captures the essence of vintage Hollywood glamour while providing a trendy and nostalgic dining experience.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by an inviting and visually striking space. The interior design combines retro elements with contemporary touches. The walls are adorned with wood panelling, while the bar includes a vibrant marquee reminiscent of Broadway evoking a sense of nostalgia.

Denae’s Diner offers a modern twist on classic American diner fare, with a menu that showcases both nostalgic favorites and innovative culinary creations. Diners can indulge in dishes such as the signature smash burger, house Hot Beef, over the top milkshakes, and traditional diner breakfast items. Cocktails will include classic twists and even a frozen drink machine serving an all fresh Miami Vice. 

The highly anticipated Denae’s Classic Hip Hop and R&B Brunch will throw it back each weekend, showcasing timeless hip hop and R&B hits from the 90’s. Denae’s Classic Hip Hop and R&B Brunch will offer additional signature food and beverage options, as well as a playlist entirely curated to represent this era in classic Hip Hop and R&B.  You might even see some of your favorite artists hosting or behind the DJ booth…